Customer Relationship Management

The way customers interact and make purchasing decisions has evolved in the new mobile, connected world. Today, they can find online all the details they need about your company, products and services, they can comment on social networks influencing your brands’ image, and they can become your best advocates if they are satisfied. Your sales, marketing and customer service teams must adapt to this new journey so they can build customer trust and loyalty by personalizing every interaction with them.
The CRM solution offers them the tools they need to engage each customer in an intelligent manner and to deliver tailored customer experiences, while increasing the teams’ productivity.


Capabilities and Benefits
•  Streamline sales processes and transform more opportunities into actual sales
•  Achieve loyal and involved customers with predictable and proactive interactions
•  Shorten sales cycles and reduce costs with sales force automation capabilities
•  Help salespeople be more productive using collaborative and mobile sales tools
•  Enhance marketing activities through accurate insights
•  Communicate with ease and generate qualified leads for your sales team
•  Plan, execute and track your campaigns so you can accurately measure marketing ROI
•  Connect with your customers and prospects using integrated social functionalities
•  Personalize customer engagement across channels
•  Deliver personalized end-to-end customer service
•  Empower agents to deliver fast, informed and effective resolutions
•  Improve your business predictability with intelligent analysis and reporting tools